Jyro Scooters

Woocommerce WordPress shop for Jyro Scooters

The stylish and innovative Jyro Scooter by Jyro is the latest in personal transport technology. The Jyro Electric Scooter is both lightweight and fast. We’ve developed a brand new responsive E-commerce webshop, based on WordPress & Woocommerce, with completely custom checkout, product variations and some neat CSS animations. Check out the final product!

Advanced CSS3 3D Flip animations

Using latest advanced CSS technologies to achieve double sided cards for saving space for important content. Switching between is only a click away and a nice shiny 3D transform.

Smooth Parallax effects

Using Skrollr.js to achieve these very smooth, responsive parallax effects based on data attributes. Easy to adjust different speeds for different layers

Product Variations slider

Completely custom WooCommerce draggable, mobile swipe friendly product variations slider with Custom Meta data (PHP, MYSQL, Custom WP functions, jQuery)

Custom Cart – Checkout pages

Cart / Checkout pages working with product variations and their custom meta data, even if its quite limited in WooCommerce, we can make everything possible.

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