HomeAway – Eiffel Tower

Spend a night in a luxury apartment at the Eiffel Tower

Are you in Paris during the EURO 2016™ competition? Spend a special moment in the Eiffel Tower! Get a chance to enjoy your favourite team’s match from the Eiffel Tower and Get a chance to win an exclusive visit to the Eiffel Tower

I’ve been lucky enough to work with HomeAway on this project, with a scope of developing something unique, new that never been done before. HomeAway built a luxury apartment on the first floor of Eiffel Tower, and let a few lucky people / families to spend a night there. We’ve created a Sign-up page with cutting-edge technology and challenging functionality to help people win and spend a night in the Eiffel Tower

Technical Background 

Pages made with latest / lightweight technologies by using SVGs wherever I just can, resnponsive optimised images, no code duplications, used vanilla JS for form, custom dropdown boxes, tried to achieve everything with CSS3 to avoid using unnecessary images.

Intelligent Ticket selector

Coded to be intelligent based on a date pattern. Only showing tickets for 6 days, but from +2 days from the actual, visiting (today) day. Achieved with some real custom written vanilla Javascript.

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