HomeAway – Acquisition pages

A collection of landing pages made for HomeAway

ABRITEL – Targeted Campaigns

Dedicated, targeted accommodation campaign landing pages for different cities in France.


Beautiful Parallax

Scroll based parallax background effect in LP headers, Made with a pinch of pure Javascript, no dependencies, light and quick and of course cross browser / platform.

Fixed Background Parallax

A really easy to achieve CSS-only responsive scroll effect.

 Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo da Vinci


Advanced CSS

Advanced Usage of CSS:pseudo elements for styling, adding HTML elements without making them part of the markup. Gives a lot of flexibility from CSS side.


HomeAway and most of its brands have came up with a Flash sale every 3 months for better property manager acquisition. See below a few details about those pages I built for them.


Airport style counter

Created By beautiful custom CSS3 animations and lodash, a modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance, & extras, that counting back for the days remaining until the Flash Sale ends.


Property manager acquisition landing pages, used the latest CSS Flexbox technology for advanced layouts.


Javascript controlled, HTML class-based , animated CSS element reveal on Scroll


Infinite CSS animations on HTML/CSS :pseudo element

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